One of the best parts of how our world has changed with social media is the opportunity to be inspired by new artists and friends from all over. The world is our oyster. There are so many artists that I have found through social media who inspire me every day. And this is my opportunity to share some of them with you. I am going to do my best to feature a new artist every Friday so you can find new people to be inspired by right along with me. Please let me know if you have any suggestions of people who you would like to see featured. My first feature is Beth Bordelon. Her artwork is fun and her brushstrokes are loose and free. I am particularly fond of her barbie series. Enjoy!

Beth Bordelon
Beth Bordelon
Beth Bordelon
Beth Bordelon
Photo of Beth Bordelon

Artist Beth Bordelon


I only recently decided to identify myself as an “artist,” however I’ve spent my life expressing myself creatively in one way or another. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising. My degree allowed me to put my art and creative skills to use professionally as an ad agency art director at J. Walter Thompson in New York and both Tracy-Locke and Temerlin McClain in Dallas. I created print ads and television commercials for clients including Burger King, Kodak Film, JCPenney, Taco Bell and American Airlines. I won several advertising awards for excellence including a Gold Clio from one of the most highly regarded competitions in the creative business.

 After a successful 13 year career, I left the advertising business to focus on my family. I have a wonderful husband who is the publisher of a local business journal and two college-age children—a daughter who shares my love for art and recently graduated with a BFA in theatrical scenic design and a son who is a sophomore majoring in civil engineering, a creative endeavor in its own right.

My dog, a maltipoo named Chester, brings me a lot of joy. He’s a sweetie pie with me but a stinker to strangers and other dogs! Through the years I honed my photographic skills using my family and friends as subjects. Photography, along with sewing and scrapbooking, became my creative outlets.

Five years ago, I took my first painting class. Artistically, my advertising career had only required that I sketch layouts and storyboards with markers. Paint, and in particular oils, was a whole new medium! The course was a reminder that I have some inherent ability and it inspired me to continue my artistic journey. One of my first oil paintings was a portrait of a friend’s dog given to her as a birthday gift. It was enthusiastically received and I began to get many requests from others to paint their pets! It has been fun and rewarding to honor those special 4-legged members of the family.

My first love is the still life, however. I enjoy taking photos of things and then using the images for reference. Occasionally, I’ll paint from real life, but photos are a little easier for me to control. My goal is usually to make my paintings fairly realistic but also inject a bit more color and flair than what is truly there. And of course, I dabble in portraiture, landscape and abstract. It’s all fun and each painting presents a new challenge!

When I’m not creating, I love spending time with friends, practicing yoga at a local studio, laughing at the funny things my husband says, staying plugged in on social media and watching movies and reality TV!

My church is a big part of my life. Its members are supportive of one another’s lives and faith journeys while also reaching out into the community and even other countries to help others. I believe God gives everyone gifts to use in the world, and one of the saddest things is for talent to go unexpressed or unnoticed. In fact, my latest “passion project” is helping to create a community devoted to celebrating our gifts and talents through an inspirational Instagram page called @liftyourgifts— so we can discover, grow and share the sparks of uniqueness that make us special and guide us to our inner calling. Follow @liftyourgifts and use #liftyourgifts !

While I’ve expressed myself creatively in many ways over my lifetime, I only regret that it took me so long to become an artist. I’m making up for lost time now!


I create art because I can. I believe God gives each of us gifts to use in the world, and I received a certain amount of inborn creative ability through my genes and family line. I come from a long line of creative folks! It’s my gift to grow to its maximum height or to squelch out of fear or laziness. Granted the latter two qualities get in my way at times, but I keep seeking my artistic calling and direction.

I listen to my heart, my interests and the things to which I’m drawn for inspiration on subject matter and style. I think of my style as contemporary. My advertising background probably influences my interest in pop cultural “product” type content. Most recently, I’ve found myself drawn to retro toys that were popular when I was a child—like the original Barbie doll, troll dolls and G.I. Joes.

I was introduced to using oils through a community college class I took a few years ago. It removed the veil of this seemingly complicated medium’s recipe of ingredients. While artist oils are what I use most now, I also occasionally enjoy the fast-drying quality of acrylics and the variety of mixed media.

Calling myself an “artist” or “painter” feels a bit pretentious to me, but it’s a garment I’ll wear! It feels a bit oversized now, but some day I hope to grow into it!

My latest “passion project” is helping to create a community devoted to celebrating our gifts and talents through an inspirational Instagram page called @liftyourgifts— so we can discover, grow and share the sparks of uniqueness that make us special and guide us to our inner calling. Follow @liftyourgifts and use #liftyourgifts !


Still Life—This category of painting is my first love. Bringing an object to life through color, light and texture is a joy. It turns an everyday object into an “objet d’art”, something special, the way pop artist Andy Warhol took a simple can of soup and made it look grand and glorious. Still life takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.

Pet Portraits—I enjoy painting members of the family who belong to the animal kingdom, because these creatures add so much joy to our lives. The connection we have with our endearing furry friends is inspiring. I enjoy capturing their excited smiles and knowing looks on canvas..

Abstract—Abstract art intrigues me, and I’ve only recently begun delving into this imaginative genre. My organized, “Type A” personality sees the process of making abstracts as both attractive and unnerving because of its departure from the real world. I look forward to experimenting with the limitless possibilities it offers!








Beth Bordelon
Beth Bordelon
Beth Bordelon
Beth Bordelon

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