My current #artcrushxo is Carrie Waller. I have been a longtime fan of her super detailed watercolor painting glass and her very distinctive style.

Who are and where are you from?

I was born in Indianapolis, IN but only lived there for a year or two. I have lived all over, Dallas, Texas, Houston, TX, Alexandria, VA, Los Angeles, CA, Carterville, Illinois, Chicago, Illinois, Bann, Germany, Charleston, SC, Dayton, Ohio, Prattville, Alabama, Cabot, Arkansas, and currently Tokyo, Japan.

Is creating art your passion and/or your profession?

Creating art has always been my passion. I realized I was skilled in art during the 3rd grade when I won a blue ribbon in the Texas State Rodeo for a collage. After that it was always a passion and hobby. I went to college for Graphic Design and Interior Design and worked for an Architectural firm in Interior Design while in college. I married my husband at the end of my senior year of college and we moved overseas right after graduating. I had a hard time finding a job in interior design in Germany so I ended up picking up every book on watercolor in the library and teaching myself techniques so I could teach classes. I also painted murals for the Air Force while living there. It wasn’t until I had my youngest child that I decided to paint professionally after watching the movie Julie and Julia. In that movie Julie blogs and cooks her way through Julia Childs cookbook. I decided I needed to start a blog and was trying to figure out a topic to blog about when I remembered that I used to paint in watercolor. At that point I started painting a painting a week and blogging about it. I have since discontinued my blog but I still paint. I took my first watercolor workshop during this time and l earned more about what being a professional artist looks like. I decided to give it a go.

What is your driving force?

My driving force to really paint was sanity. My husband had deployed for 10 months when I first really got serious about painting and I was at home with a baby and a toddler. I needed an outlet. Painting has always been like meditation for me.

What kind of work you do and why?

I predominately paint still life paintings in watercolor. I absolutely love watercolor. It is the most challenging medium and that appealed to me. I took it on as a challenge to try to get really skilled in one medium verses jumping around to different ones. I am also a mother to my sons Steven (11) and Sam (8) and a military spouse, my husband is currently deployed for a year. I share my time volunteering at my boys school in the art department, at my church and helping other military spouses. I paint when I can and I love to travel, nothing is more inspirational than travel.

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