My favorite colors … I have so many oil paints that I have collected since I started painting. I love the rich buttery color. It is endlessly fun and inspiring! And I must admit that I have some that are my favorites…

You really only need a warm and a cool of each of the primaries, two yellows, two blues and two reds, and a white for lightening color, to create a painting. Perhaps even fewer than that. But honestly, who wants to live life with limitations like that when there is an entire world of beautiful, amazing color to enjoy?

When I first started painting I would purchase random colors just because I liked them. But as I learned more about oil paint, and how it worked, I began to find several that invariably would find their way onto my palette time after time. Some are transparent colors for under-painting and for glazing, some are my basic go-to colors and then there are some great colors that, on their own or mixed with other colors, just make my heart sing.

Some colors are great for mixing with darker paints, instead of using white, to lighten the original color. Some brands I like better than others. It’s all an ongoing trial and error. (And I have to admit that I love buying art supplies, my guilty pleasure, for sure!) So this list is ever-changing, but right now, there are my favs and I think you will love them too!

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