iris by katrina linn
pink flower by katrina linn
iris in cup by katrina linn
lily by katrina linn

Katrina Linn, all the way from Adelaide, Australia, is my #artcrushxo this week. Her paintings, primarily of flowers, are filled with magical light. They absolutely glow from within. And, like me, she is an early morning painter, squeezing in whatever time she can to do what she loves. Here is a taste of her style. It’s simply gorgeous, don’t you agree?

katrina linn head shot

I am Katrina Linn and I am from Adelaide, Australia.

I am a receptionist by day and an artist by night.

I love flowers. I paint their voluptuous folds of petals, their rich muted colours, and the razzle dazzle and shimmer of light dancing across their surface. Trying to capture the ecstasy of emotion in a single flower, is my driving force.

As a child I went to oil painting lessons for a couple of years. I remember it as being fun but I was dissatisfied with the outcomes. I dabbled with watercolours in later life, but my skill level once again, didn’t match my expectations, and I drifted away.

I was a potter for 35 years. I had my own pottery, gift and florist business which took all my attention. With falling sales and rising costs I closed my shop. I reinvented myself into a receptionist. I finally made time, to satisfy a long held ambition to paint.

I went to lessons with a wonderful Adelaide artist Margaret Slape-Phillips. Her specialty is cats. I always wanted to paint my cats, so I had a painting that looked like them. They are very dear to me and make me smile every day. I started painting flowers as I thought they were easier! I have given up painting a couple of times since then, and packed everything away, but always circle back to it.

That was seven years ago. I got serious eighteen months ago after taking an online course. I now get up at 5am most days to paint before work, having been inspired by none other than Kim Smith.

Painting for me is the most fun I have, but also the most torment. There is a fine line between the pleasure and the pain.

Painting has taught me to keep going. I have a very low tolerance for seeing things unfinished on the canvas. I finish as I go. During each painting I want to give up a hundred a times. I have learnt if I just keep going it sometimes turns out ok. Like life itself.

My goal with each painting is to improve. I have deliberately not sold my work. Selling is a whole other dimension and one I have not been ready for. I look forward to the challenge of trying to sell my work in the near future.

I have so many ideas and images that I want to paint. Inspiration is everywhere.

Flowers and my cats are my topics of choice. Oil paint and canvas my medium.

My favourite thing—painting time with my music turned up, and my mind turned down.

My favourite painting—always the last one I completed.

My favourite quote at the moment—If not now, when?

peonies by katrina linn
peonies by katrina linn

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