art muse contest winning painting

I don’t mean to sound braggy, but I wanted to share my news…

I’m delighted to say that my painting “Something Magical” was chosen as a finalist for the Emerging Artist category for the Art Muse Contest. It was chosen by juror, and very talented artist, Jason Sacran.

He included this statement about my work.

This painting is very cool. I really liked the cropping of it and beautiful color arrangements. It has a nice subtle continuation to it with the intersecting and converging lines and ornament top pointing in certain directions leading your eye all around the painting. It’s a charming piece. 

And on top of that, I have been also chosen by Jack Meier Gallery to be a finalist for the Gallery Representation Award Competition. As a finalist, I will be entered into their Gallery Representation Award Competition where at least one artist will be chosen by the Jack Meier Gallery to be represented by them. This award will be announced by January 31, 2018. (I’ll keep you posted!)

Now that’s something truly magical!

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