chickadee screensaver

My gift to you! A free screensaver of my cardinal early bird. Hope it makes you smile!

cardinal screen saver

Painting and art have been a life-long love for me. I am super busy with an advertising and design agency in Lancaster, PA, TCG Advertising & Design, and I have three wonderful children, an energetic husband, and two crazy cats. So I fit in my painting time in the wee hours of the morning and it makes me infinitely happy. Life is full. But I am squeezing in some time to paint. Which gives me peace in the chaos. I hope you enjoy my art!


artospective screen capture

Artospective is a small community of artists from Jaipur, India who curate the work of modern artists from different genres of art all in one place to further studies by both art students and art lovers. They recently reached out to me to be featured on their blog. You can see my story here.

cardinal screensaver, my gift to you

cardinal screensaver, my gift to you

As my gift to you, and to show my gratitude for supporting my art I created a screensaver/wallpaper image of my cardinal painting to brighten your day. Just download the image and make it your screensaver or wallpaper on your desktop. If you enjoy it, please send me a photo of your computer screen. I would love to see it!

You can download your screensaver/wallpaper here. Enjoy!

for the love of yellow

original flower painting

Beautiful yellow.

Oil paints are so incredibly wonderful because the colors are so rich and so magical. Pure color out of the tube is pure and elegant, but mix the buttery color with another color and you get something new and equally gorgeous. Mix two compliments and you get a grayed version of the colors and put that next to a pure color and it just pops right off the canvas. I am making my way through my oil paint rainbow and enjoying every minute of it.

I started with yellow, which, according to Kate Smith at Sensational Color

• Yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment, and happiness.
• Shades of golden yellow carry the promise of a positive future.
• It will advance from surrounding colors and instill optimism and energy, as well as spark creative thoughts.

We all need more of all of those things, right? I think I need to paint my entire house yellow, maybe buy a new yellow wardrobe, too…or I could paint with yellow every morning, now there’s a great idea!

Anyway, here are a cardinal from my days of yellow…

female cardinal original bird painting

Painting demo and feeling grateful

willow valley gallery at clubhouse

As I start to think about getting ready for my art demonstration this Thursday, March 23rd, I realize what a long way I’ve come. Only a few years ago I made a commitment to myself to find time in my crazy busy life to paint, even though it seemed nearly impossible since I work full time with my own business and am still knee deep in raising a family. Now, only a few years later, I have my paintings displayed in three places simultaneously and I have the opportunity to do another painting demonstration. I think the part that amazes me the most is that I really only paint, on average, about five hours a week. Imagine what could happen if I painted more! Anyway, I am totally looking forward to it and feeling very, very grateful. Now the question is, what should I paint?

I’d love to see you!

If by chance you are free and in the area on Thursday, you are welcome to stop by and see me. I will be at the Willow Valley Clubhouse Gallery from 3-5. Thanks!

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