original peony painting
original flower painting

Peonies may be my very favorite painting subject, at least right now while it’s peony season. The wonderful amazing colors of spring time and the promise of summer. Nothing makes me happier! If you want to be the first to know of new peony paintings follow me on instagram!

original flower painting


All about virtual friends and small worlds and beautiful art…read about my #artcrushxo for this week, the very talented Hallie Kohn who is featured on my blog this week. Enjoy!

hallie kohn grapefruit painting
hallie kohn raspberries painting
chickadee screensaver

My gift to you! A free screensaver of my cardinal early bird. Hope it makes you smile!

cardinal screen saver

Painting and art have been a life-long love for me. I am super busy with an advertising and design agency in Lancaster, PA, TCG Advertising & Design, and I have three wonderful children, an energetic husband, and two crazy cats. So I fit in my painting time in the wee hours of the morning and it makes me infinitely happy. Life is full. But I am squeezing in some time to paint. Which gives me peace in the chaos. I hope you enjoy my art!

Art for your ear summer camp!

summer blues

Summer Camp for Artists

One of my very favorite podcasts that I listen to while I’m painting is called Art for Your Ear by Danielle Krysa of The Jealous Curator who interviews/shares the work of talented contemporary artists that “make her jealous” is the best of ways. Secretly I’d love to someday be one of those artists, but don’t tell anyone … yet. Anyway, this summer she has created a summer camp for artists. Of course I just knew I had to find the time to participate in this one!

#afyecamp, is fllled with art projects, new friends and gossip. So this was the first week and it was all about Instagram-a-Day:  Take one photo each day, every day for the next week … with a camp theme of course! This weeks prompts are: vintage, wood, make, blue, boat, nature and snacks.

So here are a few of my posts for the week. It’s going to be a great, creative and fun summer, no doubt!



summer camp instagram


artospective screen capture

Artospective is a small community of artists from Jaipur, India who curate the work of modern artists from different genres of art all in one place to further studies by both art students and art lovers. They recently reached out to me to be featured on their blog. You can see my story here.

cardinal screensaver, my gift to you

cardinal screensaver, my gift to you

As my gift to you, and to show my gratitude for supporting my art I created a screensaver/wallpaper image of my cardinal painting to brighten your day. Just download the image and make it your screensaver or wallpaper on your desktop. If you enjoy it, please send me a photo of your computer screen. I would love to see it!

You can download your screensaver/wallpaper here. Enjoy!

for the love of yellow

original flower painting

Beautiful yellow.

Oil paints are so incredibly wonderful because the colors are so rich and so magical. Pure color out of the tube is pure and elegant, but mix the buttery color with another color and you get something new and equally gorgeous. Mix two compliments and you get a grayed version of the colors and put that next to a pure color and it just pops right off the canvas. I am making my way through my oil paint rainbow and enjoying every minute of it.

I started with yellow, which, according to Kate Smith at Sensational Color

• Yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment, and happiness.
• Shades of golden yellow carry the promise of a positive future.
• It will advance from surrounding colors and instill optimism and energy, as well as spark creative thoughts.

We all need more of all of those things, right? I think I need to paint my entire house yellow, maybe buy a new yellow wardrobe, too…or I could paint with yellow every morning, now there’s a great idea!

Anyway, here are a cardinal from my days of yellow…

female cardinal original bird painting

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